Browns to forego QB in 2017

With the NFL combine set to begin February 28th, the Cleveland Browns told our sources that they plan to head into the 2017 season without a quarterback.

“We just don’t see the need to spend a roster spot on that position,” said coach Hugh Jackson. “Sashi, Paul, and I feel our resources are better allocated addressing other needs on the team and our analytics support that.”

It’s no secret that the Browns have been looking for a franchise quarterback since Bernie Kosar left in 1993, before many of our readers were born.  While the prevailing belief in the NFL is currently that a team needs a franchise QB to contend for a title, the Browns think differently.

“I’ve been working closely with the offensive staff this off-season to develop an offense that centers around our defense,” said Jackson. “We’re going to try to punt the ball inside the other teams 5 yard line and win with safeties. Defense wins championships baby!”


Browns QB Robert Griffin throwing an interception against the Eagles before getting inured in the same game, effectively ending his season. He didn’t contribute at all later in the year.

It’s a provocative step that will draw interest from the rest of the league if the Browns can be successful with the new offensive concept. They plan to focus their attention at the combine on punters and long snappers. The organization hasn’t ruled out using the number one pick on phenom Austin Rehkow, punter out of Idaho. He averaged nearly 48 yards per kick as a freshman and sophomore. Special teams coordinator, Chris Tabor has expressed interest in the punter.

“Our special teams staff has been working long hours and sleeping at the facility most of the off-season with the extra workload trying to fit Hugh’s new offensive plan,” said Tabor. “We really think our draft position will help us acquire top notch prospects such as Rehkow.”

The organization is expected to auction off current quarterbacks, Robert Griffin III and Cody Kessler, to the highest bidder although executives across the league laughed when we tried to get a comment.


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