Senior Citizen Gangster

If you haven’t heard of the rapper who claims to have “written the dictionary,” you’re about to. His name is Lee and he’s a 77 year old straight gangster.

Lee goes by the rap name “Bitcoin.” Although his videos are vulgar and seem to border on the fine line between truth and satire, Bitcoin’s subject matter is consistent with modern day rap. I’d like to break down a few of his lyrics…

I’ve been gettin’ brain since before you were a fetus, but there ain’t no other b*tch I’d rather have on my penis. – Best B#S*h

Here, Bitcoin is insinuating that he has quite the history with women and relationships. With this extensive knowledge, Bitcoin knows how much work it takes to make a good thing last. This is evident in the latter part of the lyric when he suggest that he may have found his one true love. Either that, or he just really likes gettin’ it in. Who can really tell? I continue…

Shout out to Diddy, free my boy Wiggy, big ups to Pac, we miss you Biggie! Well yeah I like shout outs to all my G’s, but the only black dude worth that is me. – Rappin Like a Black Dude

This entire track pays homage to the way African American history has influenced music, specifically hip-hop. Bitcoin goes deep in this one and tugs on the heartstrings by remembering the martyrs who paved the way for modern day rap music. He continues to show his humility by insisting that rappers only shout-out his name because shouting-out martyrs of the rap game is disrespectful. After a quick listen to this track, it’s easy to hear the music between the lines. Bitcoin understands where he came from and is focused on elevating the level of rap music as we know it.

I dress real smoothly, rollin’ up a doobie, the homies wanna sue me and the b*tches wanna do me. HAHA SMOOTHIE – Smoothie (feat. Dew Baby)

The final lyric I’d like to dissect comes from one of Bitcoin’s feature hits, Smoothie. This song features another rapper by the name of Dew Baby. At the beginning of the track, Bitcoin insists that Dew Baby is “his brother from another.” We can assume that these two have known each other for quite some time and have a great chemistry together. This could be the real reason this track is so special. Since Bitcoin is well-versed in the evolution of fashion, he tells his audience that they can rest assured that he still knows how to dress himself at the ripe-old age of 77. Due to Bitcoin’s glaucoma he also is prescribed medicinal marijuana under the new Obamacare coverage, which he is able to share with his friends. He closes with a rather disturbing line that insists he has many “alleged” legal troubles, but some of the stress is relieved with the many female acquaintances he has logged in his address book for the better part of a century.

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that it is only a matter of time before Bitcoin goes viral. And for good reason. After all, how many up-and-coming 77 year old rappers can you list off the top of your head? My guess is not too many. I look for Bitcoin to be a pioneer for senior citizens looking for a way to revive their lives and connect with the younger generation for years to come.


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