For Boston, for Boston

Mainstream media disgusts me.

It really, really pushes the limits of what can be considered news. If you watch CNN, Fox News, NBC News, or any other 24/7 “news” network right now, it’s hard not to lose your mind. Every station is riddled with these talking heads putting their journalism degree to work. This consists of advancing relatable stereotypes, speculating on a situation they know nothing about, and spreading lies to be the “first” one through the door. What’s even scarier than this? The general public eats. this. stuff. up… like a fat kid at Thanksgiving dinner. It’s all about the ratings. It’s the best kind of reality show out there. A reality show that’s actually REALITY.

You know what would be great?

A news source that reports news

I mean reporting these things called “facts.” Hard to believe, but these “facts” actually exist. It might not be as entertaining as speculation, and you might have to wait longer for the “facts,” but in a nation of intant satisfaction there’s no money in “facts.”

Where is the moral obligation of the media who reports to millions of Americans? Spoiler alert: There is none.

I’m convinced that the talking heads on TV and radio need you to listen to them like a bro needs a protein shake. They just can’t live without it.

So, do yourself a favor. Turn off the TV. Turn off the “news.” Go for a walk. Talk to a person. Ask them how their day is going. Come back in a week or so when the “Boston Muslim, radical, foreign, good-for-nothing, non-American, terrorists” are subdued and read the police report without the media reading it for you.


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