Boss Hogg on Candy

Today I salute a man truly ahead of his time; a lyrical genius if you will. That man is Mike Jones. Specifically, I’d like to discuss his blockbuster hit “Still Tippin.”

The song starts out with Slim Thug. This is a great choice for Mike because Slim is a business man. He understands what it takes to run a successful business having founded his own Boss Hogg Outlawz record label. The song begins elegantly enough.

Now look who creepin look who crawling still balling in the mix
It’s that six six long dick slim nigga sticking your chick

In this instance, Slim begins by giving his physical attributes as well as his reputation around town. This gives us a chance to level with Slim as the “common man.” This is a very wise business tactic as he attempts to relate to his audience. He continues…

Blowing on the endo Game Cube Nintendo
Five percent tint so you can’t see up in my window

A classic line. While maintaining his presence around town, Slim enjoys the privacy of his automobile and is exercising his first amendment rights. He is also within the legal limit of a 25% light transmission as noted in Texas law (Slim represents Houston in this track).

Fast forward a bit and we get to the second verse which introduces Mike Jones himself. His verse is a classic as well and relies on the “repetition” method of marketing. Examples include:

It takes grinding to be a king
It takes grinding to be a king


Slab shining with the grill and woman
Slab shining with the grill and woman


Back then hoes didn’t want me Now I’m hot hoes all on me
Back then hoes didn’t want me Now I’m hot hoes all on me
Back then hoes didn’t want me Now I’m hot hoes all on me

This is a very good tactic with urban music as recognized by Mike. Since much of rap is commonly misunderstood, especially by his growing suburban audience, Mike makes it easier to understand and sing-a-long if you will.

Finally, this legendary track comes to a climax with the final verse where we are introduced to Paul Wall. This verse relies heavily on foreshadowing and really makes the track what it is in terms of being prophetic. Early in the verse, Paul is quoted as saying,

I’m crawling similar to an ant cuz I’m low to the earth
People’s feelings get hurt when they figure out what I’m worth

Perhaps the first line foreshadows Paul’s career which never materialized. He uses the metaphor that he is low to the earth like an ant. This represents the fact that Paul is a hard worker like an ant, but is one of many at his trade and doesn’t do anything to stand out. He also mentions that he is extremely poor. When he mentions this to other people they feel sorry and, thus, their feelings get hurt. He continues,

I got the internet going nuts
But T. Farris got my back so now I’m holding my nuts

Here we have Mr. Wall foreshadowing the viral internet marketing strategy that would become widely popular in the later 2000’s. If only he could have imagined how big it actually became with hits such as “Gangnam Style” and “Baby” with around 1 billion views each on YouTube. He also foreshadows the direction rap would eventually take by rhyming the exact same word.

I don’t think there is any arguing the fact that this track was well ahead of its time. It encompasses various forms of what music has become today. Modern rappers owe it to these three pioneers of the game to have the opportunities they currently enjoy.


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