Babies and Facebook

I’ll be the first to tell you that I think babies are cute. In fact, they are even cuter than baby lions. I mean, this is the only reason people are passionate about saving things like babies, dolphins, and other things that are hunted or endangered.  It’s because they are cute. There’s no uproar over killing big fat cows and pigs for steak and bacon (mmm bacon). It’s human nature and it’s what makes the world go round. Big business can kill a million cattle, but the second Michael Vick kills a puppy it’s a criminal offense. Think about that one carefully.

ANYWAY, I have an issue with you parents out there. Yes you. I’m not the biggest fan of parents posting pictures of their children online with sites like Facebook and Twitter, but I understand it happens. They just have to show their baby off to the world, or their 1,233 friends on Facebook. I’d like to say that if people don’t want to come over to see your baby, that they don’t care about your baby but that would start a nasty uproar. After all, who has time to see a baby in person anymore? Ugh, not me. I’m playing Halo.

Here’s where I have an issue: Parents creating actual Facebook profiles for their babies. I couldn’t find anywhere where Facebook addresses this issue. All I found was that you must be 13 to sign up to Facebook. Well, clearly these babies are nowhere near 13 (months).

What if the parents are racist? What if they put a confederate flag T-shirt on their baby and upload it to their babies Facebook account when the child is 6 years old? What if the child grows up and runs for president? What if the childs opponent digs up that photo on Facebook and links it to the child running for president? What if that is the deciding factor in the election? I undertand this is a very specific scenario, but I think it gets the point across. There are a million other example I could have written up.

I take full responsibility for everything I’ve ever posted online, but if Facebook had been around since I was born, I probably would regret some of the things my mother put up about me. Let kids be kids. Let them live their lives and let them decide when they are ready to make their lives everyone else’s business. If they are ready at 13, then fine. If not, and they wait until they are 17 like I did, then fine.

The point is, let your kids decide if they want that naked baby photo of them posted for the world to see.


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