Do you even lift, bro?

One of my new favorite memes happens to be “Do you even lift?”

As someone who “lifts”, I find it absolutely hilarious, demeaning, insulting, and appropriate all at the same time. It’s even funnier when it’s paired with Steve Pulcinella’s face. If you haven’t seen the YouTube video, I’d recommend watching it. His face at :25 is where the meme comes from. I find it so appealing that I actually ordered a t-shirt from his website and I plan to wear it this year to the Arnold Classic in Columbus. I’ll probably get some funny looks because 95% of the people there will be much bigger than I am, but that’s kinda the point.

I have a feeling that this meme will stick around for a while and become a staple in “bro” society. It’ll be commonplace at gyms and other “bro” hangouts like GNC and anywhere you can buy Natty Ice. It’s even picking up steam shown by VitalyzdTv in his new video where he goes up to random meatheads and tells them that they have chicken arms. If I hadn’t known this was a meme, I honestly don’t know how I’d respond to the question. To me, there is no right answer to this question. If you say “yes” then you’re going to get grilled on how “not big” you actually are. If you say “no”, you’re going to get the same thing. If I were in this video, I’d keep my cheap earbuds in and sip my pre-workout, while knowing the whole time that I’m not doing legs today and that I, in fact, don’t lift.


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